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Think of Sameerah as the puzzle piece to the skin of your dreams. She is an acne specialist with a holistic, well-rounded view of how the skin(the largest organ of your body) is directly connected and linked to every other aspect of your internal health. When you have hit a roadblock or dead end with your skin and nothing seems to provide fruitful results, she is the one to turn to.

She has worked with clients in different stages of their skin journey, those who were on accutane, proactive, birth control pills and antibiotics in the search for clear, healthy skin

She prides herself in unravelling the puzzle pieces for you. Sameerah specializes in corrective skin concerns such as acne and hyperpigmentations 


Understanding that one size does not fit all is one of her biggest standpoint. Customizing treatment and products based on your unique skin in order to help you gain optimum skin health and confidence is what makes her so sought after. By taking this approach, you are rest assured knowing that nothing here is cookie cutter

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