Nourish and replenish your skin with bespoke treatments fully designed for your skin type and condition. At Luxerapy skin, treatments are personalized to fit the needs of dull, dry, dehydrated, acneic and hyperpigmentation skin. This treatment is the starting point prior to any advanced treatment at Luxerapy Skin and is perfect for those who desire a hydrating and nourishing treatment. Depending on skin needs treatments like led light therapy, nano infusion therapy, high frequency, cryotherapy,extractions(as needed)  oxygen infusion therapy are selected to restore your skin health & skin barrier A combination of micro/hydro dermabrasion, enzyme therapy with high performance acids and/or  dermaplaning along with a specialty high quality nacar mask to hydrate & soothe any inflammation or redness may also be used to remove dead skin cells and brighten the skin.

Enjoy this treatment in a relaxing environment that will leave your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized and nourished. 


Returning guest bespoke experience

Monthly treatments - $295
Bi-Weekly Treatments - $180
Weekly Treatments - $150


Medium depth chemical peels - $315 - $1000
Collagen Induction Therapy/Microneedling -$450
CIT/PEEL combo - $550

Your skin will be prepped by advanced treatment and booked out by your skin coach. These advanced treatments will help to fade off uneven skin, eliminate dark spots and exfoliates dead skin layers. These treatments are also great for those who want to improve their skin texture on the face and/or body. Once the skin is properly prepped, we evaluate and decide what your best treatment plan will be. These treatments can only be done in series to get the full results and benefits. Downtime may be between 2-7 days. A post treatment kit is provided for home care. 

*If you are preparing for television or special events, a no-downtime technique can be administered to reduce visible peeling or downtime