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Thank you for your appointment request. We will contact you shortly to confirm your request. Your next steps and pre appointment care will be sent over as well. Please call our office at {587-825-2538} if you have any questions.

Luxerapy skin is a space designed for the individual who wants to put the health of their skin on the front burner. A healthy skin helps to ignite that feeling of confidence and satisfaction

The Luxerapy skin experience is not your typical skincare studio experience, intentionally so. We have passionately created an evolution of a skincare studio as you know it, to meet what we see as a growing demand for professional citizens of the society. 

Our growing list of clients understand the commitment required to reach their individual skin goals and they are aware that one treatment is not enough to achieve desired results.

In addition to the work we'll do together, this Lounge is a space dedicated to helping you make the most of your experience. Take a look around the website to discover helpful resources.

Should you have additional questions about your experience please reach out via email: hello@luxerapy.ca.

Healthy Skin requires commitment as it is not an overnight process. Patience is required during your skin journey to help you achieve the results you desire. The appearance of your skin can cause an impact on how you feel about your self image. Our clients are rest assured in our commitment to seeking out the highest levels of quality for your treatments with us. 

+ analyze the condition of your skin, determine your skin type, discuss any allergies or sensitivities, discuss your skin goals. 
 + review your lifestyle and current homecare routine

 + discuss your skin goals and concerns

Please note that building a relationship with your skin is my priority and with that, my approach to skincare encourages a progressive rather than aggressive outlook therefore advanced treatments like chemical peels and microneedling will never be administered at your first visit. With that being said, Your initial visit will include a thorough review and assessment of your skin. During your consultation, we will cover the following:

One week after your consultation, after your skin is prepped, you will be going into your treatment phase where you would be shown each step of the process including what products are used and why it is being used. During this time, you get to ask all the questions you may have in order for you to be more comfortable and well informed on treatment. 

All treatments are personalized and customized to the condition of your skin at the time of your appointment. A peel will never be administered during your first visit. My philosophy is improving a healthy skin barrier, building trust with you and a relationship with your skin prior to administering any sort of peel. Regardless of your prior history with peels or skincare, this is our first encounter with your skin so we need to analyze your skin and we will determine if a peel is suitable for you. 

 - If you arrive to your appointment with a cold sore, broken skin, rashes, or bleeding from picking at your skin, the treatment may be discontinued to allow you to heal

After your initial treatment, we review the products you were administered at your consultation and we evaluate how well you adjusted to the new routine you have been administered

Although it will be discussed in your in depth treatment plan, It is highly recommended you pre-book your next 2 treatments at least 2-6 weeks before leaving the studio


pre care/ first treatment experience

72 hours prior to your first treatment, you are required to discontinue the use of any retinols, AHA'S/BHA'S, mechanical exfoliants such as scrubs or any handheld cleansing devices such as cleansing brushes. Failure to do so may result in rescheduling your service and the appointment may be considered a late cancellation. Please arrive to your appointment makeup free

I highly recommend Luxerapy for any sugaring or skincare needs! Sameerah has been amazing since I started going to her over 2 years ago. I always feel at home and fall asleep during facials/lashing since I'm so relaxed. She is very attentive to everyone's skin needs and tailors her approach accordingly. She also recommends skincare products that work well. 10/10!

I had an awesome experience! Sameerah is very knowledgeable and was able to create a good skincare routine for me as well as customize treatments that target my skin concerns. Definitely recommend!

 My skin has felt amazing since my appointment. Whenever I get facials, I breakout and I think that may be because I’ve never gotten such a thorough consultation. The best part was that you not only gave me the best facial but you educated me on things I would keep in mind for life. You know your stuff, you don’t sugarcoat it and you’re honest. I purchased all your recommendations online except for 1 you told me my skin isn’t ready for. I’m so glad I took the leap and made the choice to see you. My skin thanks you

All guests receive fresh, clean glassware, sheets and towels. 

All laundry is cleaned thoroughly and properly disinfected with bleach and hot water as well as a hot-sanitize drying. No two clients will share linens even if related.

All implements and tools are sanitized with an EPA-registered disinfectant.

Only nitrile gloves are used when touching clients and during cleaning.

All implements are disposable & sealed in sterilization pouches. The studio is maintained and cleaned before and after service with antibacterial cleaning solution and PREEMPT.


Please be careful when in the studio and spa lounge. Any item that is broken on behalf of negligence by customer will result in an invoice and repayment to recover damaged item. 

Please arrive at the appointed time for the best experience and to allow some time to consume your refreshments. I ask that you please wait in your vehicle and text me when you arrive. An extra 15 minutes has been added to your reservation for relaxation and refreshments however, If you prefer additional time for hot tea or relaxation, please notify at booking.

Be sure to use your spa voice when in-studio.

*Retainer fees must be used within 2 months or it may be forfeited

* Arrival after 15 minutes of appointment start time will result in cancellation and loss of retainer.

* Any no-call, no-show will be incur the forfeiture of retainer

* Repeated no-call, no-show will result in loss of future appointments.

* Up to 2 reschedules are allowed after paying your retainer fee

Please do not bring any guests or children with you to your appointment unless they are being serviced. 

If you have an open rash or legion on the body, you will be referred to see your doctor and your appointment will be rescheduled for later date.

If you are sick or recently recovered from being sick, please let your esthetician know. This includes common cold, flu, fever, shingles, chicken pox and viral infections. Please do not show up to studio with active illness.