Unwind in the private, tranquil oasis. The studio takes pride in the handcrafted, personal touches all around  to provide an optimum & personalized experience

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Luxerapy skin is  designed for the individual who wants to put the health of their skin on the front burner. A healthy skin helps to ignite that feeling of confidence and satisfaction

The Luxerapy skin experience is not your typical skincare studio experience, intentionally so. We have passionately created an evolution of a skincare studio as you know it, to meet what we see as a growing demand for professional citizens of the society

Sameerah is the mastermind, custom skincare treatment curator and lead skincare therapist at Luxerapy skin. Sameerah established her private members only skincare studio in 2019. She coaches and guides you into the world of skincare. Think of her as your private skincare and selfcare coach.  Sameerah's signature treatments, her fun personality, high energy and all round expertise will be sure to make you feel safe, understood and well taken care of. She possesses the gift of her healing hands. 

Her philosophy is to help you gain optimum skin health by repairing your barrier using personalized, curated skincare and advanced treatments/modalities

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